Fodder Feeding Chart for Rabbits :: PRINTABLE!

I will work on a chicken version tomorrow, but for now, here is a handy chart for feeding rabbits sprouted fodder. Remember, sprouted fodder can be barley, wheat, or oats for the best results and protein content. This chart was made using popular rabbit breeds so if your breed is not featured simply use this formula for figuring out how much sprouted fodder to feed:

(Rabbit weight) x 6% = (Weight of fodder to feed)
(Rabbit weight) x 0.06 = (Weight of fodder to feed)

Fodder chart for rabbits

12 thoughts on “Fodder Feeding Chart for Rabbits :: PRINTABLE!

  1. Thank-you, thank-you. I’ve been wanting to start growing fodder for the whole menagerie, and just decided to start with what our rabbits would need (too overwhelming to just jump in with growing fodder for a dairy cow and calf, some pigs, a few small sheep, rabbits, chickens…..). Still felt like I couldn’t get started because there were unknowns (mental block on my part!) This chart helps tremendously, and I’m gathering all the already-purchased supplies to get things started.
    Eventually maybe the rest of the animals will enjoy fodder as well.

  2. OMG Sarah it is beautiful. I so want to do something for you and I’m going to figure out what. This is making it so much easier when I’m exhausted form work and praying my way through evening chores!!!


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    • I don’t have a traditional “day job”, but I know the feeling. One, I am not a morning person and yet chores are 90% morning orientated. Two, I am usually so tired by 3 o’clock that a lot of prayer is involved to keep me going long enough to get dinner on the table. 😉 A LOT of prayer. Hahaha!

  3. What about when they are pregnant? Lactating? Can you please add in those (so I can be lazy and not figure it out!)

  4. What percentage of their daily caloric intake woukd you say the fodder at this ratio is? Do I need to continue pellets or just add a small amount of other snacks

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