A Hairy Day Ahead


Nothin’ like a hot cup of tea to get you ready for a long day of wool harvesting. Ah, a hairy day indeed. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy grooming my rabbits. They are very soft and very pleasant which makes for a nice five minutes or so of one-on-one time. But when it is time to harvest wool from– not just one, but four— rabbits in one day…. well, that makes for a long afternoon in the Rabbitry. I’m looking at about four hours of plucking.

Toblerone, Bunaby Jones, and the two REW bucks in the hutch all need their wool harvested. Like, yesterday. Okay, okay, I exaggerate, but it does need to be done today. And this mango Ceylon brew will hopefully get me through it.

Anyone else out there harvesting wool from rabbits, alpaca, sheep, or goats this week?

14 thoughts on “A Hairy Day Ahead

  1. just one FA Bun here. But, alpaca shearing day sucks. Up, down, up, down, pull this, get kicked there, long long long day. but the pacas look much more comfortable after. Next year I’ll have about 25 sheep to shear too!

  2. I did our buck this morning. took me about an hour. The sr female is bald from kindling, and our junior is not yet ready to go. I have yet to weigh the fiber. Elvis is soooo small looking now

  3. Hansel was plucked this week. He is a French torte and all BOY. He does not like being groomed or plucked, so I only do 15min at a time. However, like most “boys” in our lives, he loves to snuggle! 🙂

  4. I have harvested two this week and will be doing two more. I have a black and chocolate agouti that never mat or tangle so require little grooming. The auburn and chocolate pearl if you look at them funny they mat. So it is always interesting.

  5. Sarah If you are getting rid of sheep, alpaca or llama “wool” may I have it? or are you trying to get it. I need it for someone and need more than I can tell youj!!!! sue

    • Unfortunately, I don’t have any spare wool to give away. Hopefully someone here with extra wool can speak up and get in touch with you! There always seems to be someone with a fleece laying around that they don’t feel like dealing with. I’ll post on my Facebook page for you and see what we come up with.

      Anyone out there have wool to donate to Sue?

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