First Fire of the Season

I love having a woodstove. If the house we buy doesn’t have one, you can bet that we will put one in. Especially with the snowy winters we have here, there is something primal and comforting about watching a fire burn on a rainy day. The smoky smell of charred wood fills the room…


4 thoughts on “First Fire of the Season

  1. I agree. We put a woodstove in several years ago and haven’t used the furnace since. It’s one of the best things we ever did. The cost of heating with wood is so much cheaper, and cleaner that heating with oil. The warmth from the stove is so comforting, and I love the exercise of splitting firewood, especially when it is really cold outside. We lit our first fire about a week ago!

  2. working on getting one for here much better than a fireplace! also ran across a filter for only electric dryer vents (cant use if gas dryer) where you vent inside your home making use of all that warm air while drying clothes in the winter. instead of it being wasted warming the outside air!

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