Working Towards Your Dreams


I’m sure many people before me have said it more eloquently, but a dream is simply a goal that you are still working towards. Just because you have an outrageous wish or aspiration, doesn’t mean that you are unlikely to reach it. For some reason, we are raised to regard dreams as unattainable and childish. Dreams are sometimes even thought of as keeping us from happiness because we are too focused on something that “will never happen”. A thought, a wish, a hope are all the first steps in true happiness. Does happiness need to be a final destination? No. What would be the point of life at all then? I am no philosopher or great guru or even the happiest person on earth, but I have discovered how to get to that blissful moment. We’ve all had it at one point or another. Maybe it was a first kiss, or falling in love, or your child being born, or finally getting that hard-earned degree. It might have even been the last bite of delectable meal. Who am I to say what your moment of bliss has been in the past. Jeez… I just hope you’ve had more than one!

I think the biggest downfall of Western society may be that we believe there to be only one defining moment in our lives. Why is it always about “the” defining moment? Where’s the rule that days we can’t have 1,000? I can name at least two dozen defining moments in my life right off the top of my head and I am but a measly twenty-seven years young. My recent piece of bliss was sitting in a cramped shed on a cold morning milking a goat named Nanny. It was the smell, the thought, the fairytale and the dream of it all passing along slowly right in front of me. In that one moment, I was at my happiest, sincerely and truly. I have had many moments like that and I hope to have many more in my life.

People from all over the country, and sometimes even internationally, email me asking what that moment was that made me decide that I wanted to start my own backyard farm. My answer is always the same: “I don’t know”. I don’t even know that there was one! At the time, I didn’t feel any different, there was no big life event that focused my thoughts, nothing like that. I was simply following my heart.

Sorry folks… no sob story here. I had a perfectly normal and functional childhood. I went to good schools in the city. I went to college and hated it. I worked in retail. I moved out and got my own apartment, got married, had a kid. I am about as run-of-the-mill as a middle-class white girl gets! One day I decided I wanted fresh eggs and coaxed my landlord into letting me keep a few hens on the property. Then I wanted wool because, hey!– learning to spin my own yarn sounded groovy. Sheep would never fit on a tiny rented lot so with a little research I found angora rabbits. The rest is history, but the point is that dreams don’t come in large or small. We shouldn’t think of them that way.

If you start to think of a dream as “big”, then where is the motivation or confidence to achieve it? Stop having big dreams! Just have dreams and journeys to achieve them. If you want a farm, go get one darn it! What the heck are you reading this for? You should be researching and planning and asking around for ideas or help in getting to where you want to go. Nothing is impossible. Nothing. Einstein proved that we do not live in a clockwork universe. Just because trees are right side up and the sky is blue today, does not mean they will be tomorrow. This isn’t just a matter of ‘live like there is no tomorrow’, this is about getting out there and doing something. Don’t give me that “oh, I have no room for a garden” hogwash. Ask a friend to use their yard, find a community garden, build your own community garden! Get out there and do what you want.

Dreams are not for the faint of heart. Dreams are not for the weak. Dreams are for the people who will make the universe what they want it to be with their willpower alone. Put your big girl panties on and buy a damn goat.

15 thoughts on “Working Towards Your Dreams

  1. Sara, You always parallel me in thought it seems. We did the same as you, started with wanting fresh eggs & organic foods as well as the kids knowing where their food came from. That escalated into the cost of trying to raise food in a HOT dry town so we following my DH’s (& his dad before him) dream to own enough land to grow ‘stuff’. So now we are on 6 acres and keep adding to our livestock and crops a little at a time. We are loving it and the kids have grown to love it as well. LIFE IS GOOD! Embrace it and take hold of those dreams even in baby steps!

  2. Amen! We have a saying around our house, “It’s not what you make, it’s how you spend it.” I believe this to be true for time & money. Everything is a trade off. I have peace of mind & I don’t miss the rat race at all.
    I think people like us (who choose to spend our days making a life from scratch) don’t mind the busy-ness of work. This lifestyle is not for the weak or for those who are too afraid to dream. Thank you for your blog. You are an inspiration!

  3. for a girl 27 years young you have a good head on your shoulders and some very wise words to share. Thanks. Who knew that at 63 I would, due to my son’s accident be living in the country, growing my own gardens and raising hens. Dream on, sweetheart. I know you are going places!

  4. Sarah, great blog! I am a believer that I make magic happend. If I want something, I jump in with both feet. Am I always successful, no, do I always fail, no….but I jump in. Its really great to see someone else encourage others as I do!!!

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