Starting to Open Their Eyes

Aren’t they cute? It is so good to have a healthy litter (or two) after a failed litter. My two current litters of rabbit kits are one-week old and are twice as big as the “twins” were at two-weeks old. It’s just a reminder of where kits should be at this age. They should be round, furry, content, and warm. Sometimes it takes a failure to prompt appreciation of things that take care of themselves.

The one thing that I have learned –repeatedly– while raising rabbits is that if there is runt that isn’t going to make it, it will be the prettiest color you’ve ever seen. Every. Time. I don’t think I have ever had a ruby-eyed white runt. It always seems to be the blue or the fawn or the black. Runts are the most obvious around day two or three when they fail to grow as much as their littermates. I always try to force-nurse them on their mother, but they never have the strength. Eventually their littermates instinctively know there is something different about them, perhaps their temperature is an indication, and the runt gets pushed to the outskirts of the nest to die. It certainly is a hard truth, but there is usually only one runt in a litter.

In this round of litters, I am pretty short on colored rabbits. Philly had six ruby-eyed whites and two self blacks while Khaleesi had one opal, one fawn fox (un showable color), and two ruby-eyed whites. Of course Khaleesi’s runt was a pretty self blue. Of course. So now I have eight total ruby-eyed whites and only four colored rabbits. That is a lot of fluffy whiteness. It makes me feel a little guilty because I need to keep a self black back for breeding purposes, but I also have a huge waiting list of whom I’m sure are people waiting mostly for colored rabbits. Sorry folks. My greatest downfall this year was the loss of my third breeding doe, Blackberry. Without her, I am short two breeding does instead of just one.

In any case, the colors I did get out of these litters are the interesting ones.


There is one Opal from Khaleesi and Bunaby. Opal is an agouti color with blue/tan striped individual hairs all over the body with a white belly, tail, ears, nostrils, and white around the eyes.

Fawn Fox is an un showable color (if you’re interested in rabbit shows), but a beautiful combination all the same. Watch, it will be just my luck that the kit with the in showable color will have the best wool density of all the kits born. Fawn Fox is also known as Tort Marten. This one is blue-agouti based. It would appear as a Blue Tortoiseshell if it weren’t for the obvious orange color (true Torts are brown) and white belly. This color has a dark orange across the back and forehead, blue on the sides, blue lacing around the ears, and a white belly, white tail, white nostrils, white around the eyes, and white inside the ears.

Ruby-eyed Whites need no introduction. They are white. The end.

And last, but not least, Self Black. It is simply black over the whole body.

8 thoughts on “Starting to Open Their Eyes

  1. They are cute! Thanks for keeping us updated on their progress, Sarah. I love the ruby-eyed white rabbit that I purchased from you. He’s so calm and easy to handle — and just a joy. Thanks for breeding such a wonderful rabbit.

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