Second Litter of the Season

Ah, it feels good to be drowning in baby rabbits. Big, healthy, piggy rabbits. And rabbit mothers who pull wool and nurse their kits for that matter! Hallelujah for that! Khaleesi was a perfect lady and kindled her litter of five kits –very tidily I might add– sometime last night. Rabbits usually like to kindle during the dark hours of the night, probably as a survival instinct. She is a first-time mother, but built an awesome nest and didn’t freak out and knock over the nest box. That gives her extra points as a keeper in my book.

On average, a French angora can kindle anywhere from four to eight kits, however I have had a litter of eleven before and one breeder I know said she had a litter of 24! When people ask me how many babies a dam can have, I always say ‘anywhere from zero to eight’. I always include zero as a possibility because rabbits are so difficult to palpate to assess if they are pregnant. So keep that in mind guys when you want to breed rabbits. You could end up with 24 squirmy little rabbits! (Or zero.) And that leads me to my last point, baby rabbits are sooooo hard to take pictures of. Like, impossible folks. All you end up with is ten photos of blurry blobs surrounded by what looks like an exploded pillow.


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