Photo Bonanza!

I have about 20 billion pictures from around our teeny-tiny farm to show you… Let’s just jump right in.

Last weekend we harvested 14.4 pounds of incredibly tart green apples. I have no idea what they are… maybe Pippins? Is that an apple type?

We also harvested a whole patch of Danver’s Half Long carrots which came out to 11.2 pounds.


The pruned apple branches and carrot greens were given (in moderation) to some very happy rabbits…





Our pumpkins from the garden are so cute lined up on the porch steps (although they have slowly been disappearing to be turned into soup).




Leeks, cabbage, peas, and one last pumpkin sit in the garden. This pumpkin came up all by itself so who knows what it will taste like. We grow pie pumpkins, but our neighbor (Hi Marjorie!) grows crazy-massive-eat-your-dog sized pumpkins. Maybe she will chime in on what they’re called.

Say hello to our California Sister butterflies! Pretty right?




And last, but not least, the new chicks on the block. They aren’t very chick-y anymore and look more like full fledged pullets now. See the Black Sexlink sticking her head and creepy green eyeball in the third picture? They just reek of dinosaur sometimes. While the Speckled Sussex were ready for their close ups, I couldn’t get any pictures of the Australorps. They must be photo shy since they have black soulless eyes.

6 thoughts on “Photo Bonanza!

  1. Loving that Speckled Sussex… wanted to get a couple when we ordered our last batch but just wasn’t sure. We saw some at the Mother Earth News Fair last month and wow– wish I would have gotten them after all. I would love to hear how well they lay. We’ve had Black Sexlink and love the gold around the head and neck. Good layers too!
    Great pics!!

  2. I especially love the bunny photos (no surprise there.) Our rabbits LOVED this time of year because they totally enjoyed crunchy, dried leaves from the neighborhood trees that fell into their path. I collected as many dried leaves as I could and kept them in a bucket to dole out as treats, a handful at a time, with their timothy hay. I let them collect the ones on the ground until the rains came, then gave them the rest a little at a time. The leaves (kept sheltered and dry) lasted well into January-February.
    Thanks for the smiles.

  3. I don’t know the name of the pumpkins. We purchased one years ago at a local farm in the valley and saved some seeds to try the next year hoping the were heirloom and low and behold they were. We have been growing them ever since. Some can get pretty big though. Want some seeds for next year?

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