Updates on the Micro Farm

There are so many things going on here and generally running through my brain. So. Many. Things. I’m talking life changing folks. We are so excited for the future.

Some bad news first… Are you one of those people who prefers bad news first or good news? I rather hear the bad first. So, Blackberry’s kits didn’t make it. Until Monday, they both had been gaining weight consistently. However, on Wednesday, I checked on the kits in the morning and found them skinny and cold. I was able to warm them both up, but they refused to eat and were convulsing. The blue kit died in my hands, but the black was passing slowly. I felt it was much more humane to put him down than to let him suffer for what could be hours. It was difficult to raise them to that two-week mark, but I had to try and even succeeded for awhile. But let’s face it, baby animals are meant to be raised by their natural animal mothers, not humans. Farm life comes with downright crappy aspects as well as the good.


On to good news! So we have happily improved our credit score to the point of qualifying for a couple different types of home loans. We are officially, actively looking for a permanent homestead! Yay us! It was tough for us to get to a good credit score because we spent the first five years of our marriage living credit card-free. Which, as you may know, is great for everyday life, but doesn’t make banks and creditors trust you… at all.

Now we are scouring the whole county for a stick-built house (because California hates unconventional homes) in decent shape and on at least 2 acres. So far it seems like we are only finding one or the other. A great house with crappy, rocky, unusable acreage or crappy house with great acreage. We have yet to spot that ‘goldilocks’ of homes. And yes, I do say “crappy” this much in real life. Lucky for us we are in a good spot right now (as far as a home to rent) to just sit back and wait for the right thing to come along and punch us in the face. Wow I sound violent lately.


We have a couple other more personal things on our plate right now that I don’t feel comfortable sharing just yet, but I assure you, they are good things. No, I’m not pregnant. I just really feel like we are on our way now. You hear people say all the time that it’s not the destination, but the journey where you find happiness. That must be true, because we feel ecstatic about all our new changes. For a long time we were very unstable financially… I’m sure every 20-something has gone through that phase. So just the idea of having put all that behind us and the feeling of moving forward in our lives is absolutely fantastic.

I am also working on my new international community for wool and fiber artisans, breeders, raisers, and supporters; New World Wool Cooperative. Hopefully, I can have the website and membership set up and in operation by winter. I’m getting there. Website design alone is a big task! If you are interested in participating or want some more information, send me an email at: fmicrofarm@gmail.com

Lastly, incase you were wondering, I have been practicing on my fiddle (I sound like a dying bobcat) and am still progressing in my German lessons using DuoLingo.

Ah, here’s to a happy journey!

my friend Heather’s Silky chicks meet my fluffy rabbits

12 thoughts on “Updates on the Micro Farm

  1. So happy to hear of your future brightening up! Hope all goes as scheduled and the right place will come along in the right time frame for you.
    I am so sorry to hear abt the twins. When I had chicks that was the hardest thing when they needed to be put down. I did it once, but then my hsb said he would do it and I let him! (We had a baby o’possum on our carport a couple of months ago that a dog I guess had gotten to. It was still alive, but paralyzed. I knew I should do something, but I couldn’t. I went out there twice to do it and just cried.) My hsb took care of it when he came home. We live in town and still have yucky things happen…The system on planet Earth can be so hard; survival of the fittest thing.
    Anyway, onward and upward!

  2. Excited to hear about your plans. Best wishes on the search for a homestead. There is a place just waiting for you, I’m sure of it. Love hearing about all your adventures in micro farming…. Good and bad.

  3. Thank you for the update. I’ve been waiting to hear about the kits. I feel the same as you, but you have to try. I had a few horror stories this week myself and I too am hopeful that a litter of only 5 can survive in a nest box with a mommy who is clearly confused. It was my first time breeding new moms. I have learned a good deal from these does. Any thoughts on how to mark babies from one litter to be fostered by another?
    Thanks again, love keep tabs on your homestead. I too am looking to downsize for my “empty nest” house. I know it is just a matter of time before the kids fly the coop!

    • Bad stories and good stories seem to some in cycles around here. But I suppose that could be said about any farm, large or micro. Now I have two litters due this Wednesday to look forward to, one from an experienced doe and another from a first-timer. Fingers crossed!

      I mark kits with a black Sharpie marker. With wee ones I mark their rump and larger kits I mark in their ear. It does wear off in a day or two, so when you check on them daily, just re-mark them with the permanent marker.

      I’m sending well wishes to your fostered kits!! Good luck!

  4. This is kindof not related to this post, or maybe it kindof is since you mentioned starting a fiber community, but I’m just wondering what blogs you follow if you care to divulge. Just curious. When I’m at work I miss my farmlet and I love to read about others’.

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