Kombucha From Scratch?

Two weeks ago I saved the last 5-ish cups of my gallon of Eva’s Raw Kombucha and added it to some sweetened black tea. I made sure that the last bit of my “store bought” kombucha had some of those creepy slime strings in it because I have been told that those are the beginnings of a new mother SCOBY. Well I guess it was true! Today I can say with some certainty, that I have a baby SCOBY. I think the key was using store-bought kombucha that was not pasteurized (absolutely raw).

Whadda think?


14 thoughts on “Kombucha From Scratch?

  1. It’s lookin’ good! You should be set for lots of kombucha making – so much cheaper than purchasing it! I started my scoby from a store-bought bottle, too. This summer, I ventured into continuous brewing with it.

  2. It is indeed a new scoby, great job! My DH loves his Kombucha -I make 3 gallons every 2 weeks to keep him happy. The rest of us are Water Kefir (with grape juice) fans since he likes the Kombucha a little on the vinegary side.

  3. I’ve also been hearing about jun which is like kombucha but its a different scoby and honey and its less vinegary I’m still reading up about it and water n milk kefir

  4. Good for you! Now you’ll have to think about ways to use the extra SCOBYs. You can
    1. Feed them to your chickens and rabbits
    2. Chop them up and eat as a meal/salad condiment or sliced finely for sushi, etc.
    3. Buzz them in the food processor and slip them into Cami’s food 🙂
    4. Ditto for Trevor’s food 🙂
    That 2nd fizz is utterly irresistible! I love kombucha.

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