What Tomorrow Will Bring

Tomorrow should be a nice busy day outside. I, personally, love being outdoors whether it is raining, sunny, windy, or snowing. Maybe not driving in the snow, but in general, snow is okay with me. There is some sort of saying from Norway or Sweden (?) that goes along the lines of ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing’. I’m sure I got that wrong, but you get the idea.

We have a great day of apple harvesting, animal habitat cleaning, carrot pulling, pepper picking, Rabbitry securing, beehive bundling, and cool-air loving ahead of us. Ah… Autumn, I love you. Perhaps not the habitat cleaning and poop scooping, but I have to do that year-round so why start complaining now?

Apples should be ripe from the one apple tree we have access to. I think they may be Pippins? I’m not sure. They are small, green, and tart as hell, but they will make great pies (along with some cinnamon and Frühlingskabine honey) and apple cider vinegar. I am going to attempt to use the apple scraps for making vinegar. There are quite a few loose recipes around the Internet, so when I get started tomorrow, I’ll let you know which one I end up using. It doesn’t look difficult and fairly fool-proof. If I have too many apple scraps, the chickens and rabbits will have a glorious treat. The chickens get all of the overly wormy ones anyway. Oh! And I am super excited about using my fancy hand-crank apple peeler/corer for the first time. I found a nice metal one at the local hardware store for just under $20. Yeah baby!

Our second batch of carrots are ready to pull this weekend. There are mostly Danvers Half Longs, because they love our crappy sandy soil, but there are a few leftover Parisian round carrots in the patch as well. The next round of carrots are already in the ground. My father gave am a bag of Scarlet carrots to test out two weeks ago and so far they have not popped up. If nothing shows up soon, I may have to plant more Danvers over the top of the loser Scarlets.

With the cool nights and chilly breezes we have been experiencing, it is time to put the wall boards up on the Rabbitry. First I want to hose them off after the dry and dusty summer we had here. It’s just nice to start a season off with clean equipment, ya know? It is also about time to wrap the beehives up in tar paper to insulate them from the impending winter. That is pretty much a five minute task though.

I have also started to reach out to my local community to see if anyone out there wants to show me the ropes in dairy goats and/or pigs. I’m not sure I really want to raise pigs, but I would like me some home-raised and smoked ham. My family would never say ‘no’ to bacon either. Who would? I also feel like I need some hands-on experience with dairy animals. I have never milked anything in my life. Now is a good time to start! Books can teach you an abundance, but nothing compares to real life experience. We are planning to buy a house/farm/homestead in the next year (*knock on wood*) and I would be more comfortable getting started with larger livestock knowing a few tricks from the get-go. So hopefully I can find a couple people to mentor me for a few weekends throughout the year.

What are your plans for this weekend?

11 thoughts on “What Tomorrow Will Bring

  1. This weekend, I will continue to winterizing my bunny hutches, too. We put taller legs on the empty hutch so I can see and reach the future occupants better. Crossing my fingers for a French Angora kit (who will be a house bunny until it’s bigger) to fill the space in good weather 😉

  2. I planted red cabbage plants and Parisian carrots, too. I have been blowing leaves and putting them in my beds and compost. Of course, the rabbit hutch cleaning…I am getting a new rabbit today, (Sat.) He is a blue grey, half Champagne d’ Argent and half mini-Rex. He is to be the new “husband’ to my blue grey half mini-Rex, half Himalayan. He is a proven breeder a yr and a half old and Willow is just right at 5 mo old, so she won’t be seeing her “wedding night” just yet…lol
    I am getting a doe and buck of the American blues first of the yr and they are on the breed conservancy list as threatened and will be pedigreed.
    My EA, Rudy was naughty yesterday. I held/combed him in the afternoon and that is his “nap time” and so he did his scratch thing at warp speed on my shirt and when I didn’t put him back in his house, he peed on me….thank you, Rudy….Looks like rain here in Arkansas today. We need the rain. My red okra is still making pods and flowers blooming (salvia, snap dragons, celosia, roses…). My Malabar spinach is coming up (abt 4″ tall), but I don’t know if it will have time to do anything. We have our killing frost in the middle of Nov.
    If you are thinking of getting pigs, have you heard of the Kunekue pigs? They are on the breed conservancy list and they are very social and friendly pigs and supposed to be easy to handle. You would have to find someone who raises those in your area, which may be difficult. Pygora goats have the same long wool that sheep do if you spin/knit or can sell their wool and they are a smaller breed. There is a dwarf Nubian now that you could get milk from and it be a smaller animal. I think they give 1-2 qts/day.
    Good luck on finding your perfect farm and hope the twins are doing well.

    • Your description of your rabbit “wedding night” made me giggle. I have my bucks next-door to each other and sometimes wonder if they get jealous of their “girlfriend” visiting another buck. Funny things we ponder as we breed rabbits.

      Last year I went on a county farm tour and one of the stops was a pygora and angora goat farm. I didn’t like the wool (mohair) from the goats so I think I’ll be skipping that breed.

      As far as pigs go, I am not so sure I want to raise them, but it is nice to be able to have that option. I will have to look up that breed though.

  3. My tomorrow is today, rather sad, my daughter and her new husband are getting ready to move to Mindon, NV. I think they are leaving tomorrow (Sunday) I’m taking them out for a nice lunch today.

    I’ve been out to feed my rabbits, with 2 does getting ready to kindle in the next 10 days, I’ve been keeping an eye on them and their nesting abilities. Mollie is doing great and has decided to build her nest next to the box, I’m not going to bother her or it unless she proves to be a bouncy momma. Maggie doesn’t seem to know what is going on. She id digging in her feed and making a thorough mess of her hutch. She’s eating all the hay I put in for her to nest with.

    I’ve started my 6 wk meat rabbits on fodder, they seem to really enjoy it. Just giving them 3″ squares till they acclimate. they love the small roots from the sweet potatoes we dug last week. My mom was going to till the little roots all under and I nearly knocked her over trying to get to them before she threw dirt on top. “Mother, the rabbits like sweet potatoes, and they’ll enjoy this just as well”, so I harvested 2 crops from the garden at one time. And I got to sort all the potatoes again when I stored them on a raised mesh box, so they won’t rot.

    It looks like it might rain today, so I’m making a list of what I need to do to get ready for moving the 6 wk olds to the grazer. Raise the wheels so I don’t have to put pieces of plyboard down to go over the grass clumps. LOL

    You all have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. Well around here I spent the day building a rabbit hutch, I need to build one more tomorrow, I have a trio of Champagne D’argents coming on Thursday, they are pedigreed and newly weaned so no breeding for a while! But I can not wait! I need to clean out the chicken coop but its been raining so I guess that will wait until it clears up, with 41 chickens things get messy in a hurry! I also have supplies to expand the chicken run

  5. Well the weekend is over now, I spent it just working with the cows, I wired one part of the hay bale ring so they wouldn’t make such a big mess with the hay. Then I mowed the back yard, and weeded the garden again. We haven’t planted yet., but the weeds seems to grow on there own. Wish someone could tell the weeds not to grow after being pulled!!!! LOL. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mare

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