The Twins


I know it’s a bit blurry, but I cannot stress how difficult it is to take a picture of baby rabbits… especially these ones! I swear they wiggle and climb and crawl and loop around in my hands just to mess with me. It is an uphill battle with the little black kit just to feed him! It is near impossible.

Other than being on a mission to give me an aneurism, the twins are doing fine. They are both eating well and gaining weight. I couldn’t ask for more. When raising rabbit kits, I perceive three major hurdles in their development and likeliness of survival.

1.) Reaching 3-days old. Most runts die or display disturbing behavior within the first 72-hours.
2.) Reaching 3-weeks old. This is about the time most kits are weaned by their mothers. If they have an issue with their digestion, now is usually the time I loose the weaker kits as they begin to eat more solids.
3.) Reaching 6-weeks old. I have never lost a kit past the 6-week mark. By this age, it would be extremely unlikely that a weak or compromised kit would pass by un-noticed. Signs of weak kits are on the obvious side: under weight, loss of appetite, lethargic. That is why it is so important to raise rabbits where I can get to know them and see them several times a day. Once a rabbit makes it to that glorious 6-week mark, I can rest easy.

Long story short, I do not know if either of the twins will make it to see 6-weeks old. I certainly hope they do and I sure as heck am fighting for them, but there are simply no guarantees. They have made it over the first hurdle! Two more to go! Tomorrow they will be 1-week old. Keep rooting for them.

4 thoughts on “The Twins

  1. So sorry about Blackberry and I appreciate you sharing this experience. I (ahem, “we”) have learned a lot from your blog. My husband just updated me on your latest post. We are planning for rabbits this Spring (finally- I mean, it’s only been 3 yrs?!) & you have helped us immensely. Hope all continues to go well for the kits!!

    • I hope your spring litters are happy and healthy! Good luck.

      Blackberry’s cause of death is fairly common in rabbits. Rabbits are such weird creatures, just about anything can go wrong. But don’t let that scare you! It seems like a lot of bad things happen to rabbits around here, but really it’s just that I breed for several litters a year and that simply increases my likeliness of running into a problem. That’s how it works I guess.

      Thanks for reading and I am so glad to hear that my experiences are useful information to someone out there. 🙂

  2. So glad they are still hanging in there. They are lucky to have you. Talk abt them being your big babies! When they are older they will always be your babies and you their mama! How nice…I have a little tiny mini Rex like that; don’t know why she ended up being so little; she was not the runt. Her sister was and her sister is 2.5 times bigger now! Anyway Ebony (all black) is my little girl and stays inside in a bunny house along with Rudy, my tutti, frutti, agouti, EA! He is a baby too! Only 10 wks this wk.
    Keep your chin up! I am rooting for the little ones….

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