Blackberry My Dear

It is with great pain that I write to you all this morning to tell you that our sweet girl Blackberry has passed away. It seems that last night she kindled three kits and had trouble birthing however many were left. From what I could tell, a kit was stuck inside that she could not birth and Blackberry died in the process. 

When I went outside to feed everyone, I opened the door to the Rabbitry to find Blackberry laying next to her nest box. I knew what had happened as soon as I saw her. I took the nest box out to confirm my fears and sure enough, I found three kits and the remnants of another. Only two of the kits were alive and since Blackberry had not pulled any wool, the two kits left were chilled laying there on the hay. Luckily, when I go out to feed the animals, Cami is usually still sleeping so I could take care of everything this morning without her seeing. 

I silently dug a hole next to the burn pile. Tears were shed as I pulled Blackberry out of her cage and I carried her to her last resting place. She was buried in the yard along with her lost kits. I grabbed some wool from my box in the house and covered up the two kits that remained and mixed up some rabbit formula to feed them with.

The “twins” both have good appetites and I truly hope that they can make it through this. I have fed kits with my evaporated goats milk and egg formula before, but that was only for four days… these kits need to make it three or four weeks on formula. I hope, hope, hope they are as strong as their mother was. She was the first kit ever born here that we kept. A true Frühlingskabine Angora.

I’d like to share some photos today of Blackberry that we have shared with you over the last year and a half that she had been with us.

20120512-193342.jpg 20120524-194108.jpg 20120524-194119.jpg 20120530-164634.jpg 20120610-130150.jpg 20120723-110513.jpg 20120723-110522.jpg 20120723-110529.jpg 20121005-135046.jpg 20121005-230401.jpg


26 thoughts on “Blackberry My Dear

  1. Oh no! My sympathy goes out to you for your loss of a sweet girl. No matter what type of title an animal has in your life they are always family. I’m crying just reading this post. *Hugs from North Dakota*

  2. Oh no! That is just so sad. My heartfelt condolences at this sad turn of events. Raising rabbits is not always as easy as one might think, and nobody knows this more than the people who raise them. I lost my angora about 2 weeks ago and I’ve not gotten past it yet. These rabbits, as you know become so close to us. Not just because of their fiber, and that we handle them more, but rather they have amazing personalities and are truly unique. Remember her for the time you had and treasure it.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. She was a beautiful rabbit. It hurt my heart to read this, I cannot imagine how painful it must have been for you. I pray the babies will make it and help heal your heart.

  4. I just read this…the last picture is so stoic, of her as a senior with adult eyes. We just had two litters, and I can imagine how much grief such an event could bring. Cheers to living life and losing life.

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