Alles Gute zum Geburtstag TO ME!

Happy Birthday to me! Without giving too much away, when I was a kid: Care Bears were awesome, Polly Pockets actually fit in your pocket, “hella” was a real word, and Nintendo was boss. Yeah… I used “boss” as an adjective. Check it! (I say that in my best MC Hammer voice, which is not so good.)

So today I will be eating way too much coconut cake, hangin’ with my kiddo, and learning German on my iPad. Life doesn’t get too much better. And let’s face it guys– with my strong German heritage and a farm with a German name, how could I not speak German? I don’t know either.

My birthday resolution (is there such a thing?) is to learn to speak German this year. I don’t need to be fluent or anything, but how cool would it be to go to the winter market in Germany and be able to buy something in German? I’ll tell you, it would be boss!

If you can download “DuoLingo” for your device, do it! It is a free app and uses multiple, very effective methods to teach languages like: French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Trevor and I are learning together so that we can talk to each other and keep one another going in the lessons. DuoLingo uses matching, translating, and speaking to progress you through the language which makes it more fun… and that way you know if you’re pronouncing words and phrases correctly.

If you do download DuoLingo, let me know and we can “friend” each other to encourage one another!




4 thoughts on “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag TO ME!

  1. Du bist eine Frau. Ich bin michael1947. this could be fun if my mic would keep working. Can one go back and redo the lessons?
    nice pic of Mrs Toad

    • Ah, so I am.

      And yes, you can go back and redo lessons. It doesn’t allow you to advance if you make more than 4 mistakes in a lesson (the hearts in the picture). I am re-doing a lesson right now because I am having trouble differentiating between haben, hast, habe, and whatever the fourth one is that I can’t seem to remember. 🙂

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