Mr. Toad Returns?

Remember back in April when we found that giant toad? Cami named it “Mr. toad” and it seemed fitting enough for such a well-fed amphibian.

Well, tonight we spotted the toad in the garden again!


Only this time, we are convinced that he… is a she. I have been letting out bean plants dry on their own so that I can harvest the dry pods for sowing the seeds in next year’s garden. Every evening I pick a few handfuls of leaves to feed to the rabbits and now that I am slowly thinning the plants, I can see more of the ground below. Tonight when I reached into the bean plot to pull out some leaves, the ground jumped.


The three of us gathered around and brushed the tops of the leaves and watched dozens of tiny toads jumping through the bean patch. I figure Mrs. Toad liked the shady, moist seclusion of the bean leaves and decided to lay her eggs in the loose dirt below. Lucky for us, we have a whole fleet of aphid exterminators now!

4 thoughts on “Mr. Toad Returns?

  1. She is lovely! Gotta love a good toad. My hens ate one of the toads from our garden last year. Yikes! It was a small toad- not nearly as ‘curvy’ (don’t want to offend a gal- lol!) as your Mrs.Toad. I wanted to rescue our tiny toad it but it all went down so fast- literally. It was more of one of those slow motion, “noooo!” deals as I saw her running across the yard, toad dangling by a hind leg, flock chasing her. Then gulp & gone. May your toad live long and prosper ! 🙂

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