Update on the “Great Litter Wait”

I just thought I would update you folks on what I am dubbing as the “Great Litter Wait”. Both Philly and Khaleesi were due with litters on August 29th-31st. I give them a 3-day due date because I breed each rabbit over the course of three days to give them a better chance to conceive. It just makes for better odds.

Khaleesi is still showing no signs of being pregnant. But she is a first-time mother so who knows. Nothing is definite when it comes to rabbits.

Blackberry is not due for another week and a half.

Philly started pulling wool almost six days ago. She lined her nest box with beautiful, fluffy white wool. Tonight I noticed that there is twice as much wool as there was earlier this afternoon, so let’s hope magic will happen tonight! Doe rabbits usually kindle (give birth) between dusk and dawn. It must be something about the comfort and security of darkness. The only time I have ever had a doe kindle during the day was last winter during a huge rain storm… nothin’ like a good storm to scare a litter of babies out of ya!

So to sum it all up, I am expecting a litter any second now from Philly, but Khaleesi may need to be re-bred on Friday or Saturday.

5 thoughts on “Update on the “Great Litter Wait”

  1. Usually when I see twice as much fur in the nest, there are babies under the top layer. 🙂 Its a good sign for a first-time mom to be pulling fur early. Post some pictures when they arrive.

    • Khaleesi is my first-timer. Philly, who is pulling the abundance of wool, will be kindling her second litter (hopefully). I notice that the sheer amount of wool they pull hides the kits well also. But I really dig down in there when I check for babies. Sneaky little guys!

      Would I ever deny you cute baby rabbit pictures? I think not. 😉

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