The End Is Near

This photo print is available in our online Etsy shop, Little Farm Shop, and helps to support our teeny-tiny farm in the foothills of California.

Well… the end of the growing season in the garden anyway. It is about this time of year that the crops and harvests start dwindling and the thought of winter begins to set in– although, the inexperienced wouldn’t expect snow to ever show it’s face with temperatures currently in the low 90’s here. But I assure you, it is coming. I know this because our pumpkins are ripening to a golden, sunrise orange, the beans are dying off, and the head of sunflowers are drying to reveal richly black seeds inside.




Our landlord/neighbor/garden owner has decided to turn the middle two beds into raised beds for us. I guess they want a little less hokey looking arches in the garden for us to grow stuff on. The plus side is that our landlord is paying for the redwood lumber for the beds (to match the rest of the garden fence) and is also going to buy thick cattle panels for us to use for arches. At the beginning of the year I bought some thin wire that works fine for trellising now, but doesn’t stand on its own. We will be able to use the cattle panel arches for trellising in the summer and will cover it in greenhouse plastic in the winter to protect some garden crops from frost and snow. We still plan on building a greenhouse though so we have somewhere to start seeds.




Beets and carrots are almost ready to harvest and the next round of fall roots will be planted to keep the cycle going as long as we can manage. The remaining beans on the vine are drying out to be used as seeds for next year’s crop. The tomatoes are transitioning to deep reds on the vine despite the gopher’s best efforts to eat every single root holding them in the ground. Zucchinis and cucumbers are at their end and the numbers of ripe fruits are lessening. Leaves are turning a crisp yellow and brown all around the garden as our early crops decide they are finished producing.

This is why I love September. Not only is it the month that hosts my birthday (Go Virgos!) and anniversary, but it is the month with the best changes in nature. Plants change, the smell in the air is different, and the world transforms beneath our feet. Ah… September.


2 thoughts on “The End Is Near

  1. Something else we have in common MY birthday also in September (That we knew) but I didn’t know your anniversary was also in September!!!! So is mine!!! The 10th is ours what day is yours? Must be why we’re along well and have similar ideas and goals, and crazy experiments! I have been going around lopping off a small piece of people’s fruit and nut trees and am propagating them so I don’t have to spend a fortune on my orchard. So if you know of any fruit or nut trees that people have in their yards that don’t mind letting a crazy lady have a start let me know! Looking for open pollinating seeds as well is there like a seed exchange that you know of? If not it is a hmmmm…… another idea for my brain a community seed bank. Non gmo of course!

    • Oh, Terri. Didn’t you know that we are twins? My birthday is September 10th (your anniversary I believe) and our anniversary is the 22nd (your birthday I believe). I think about 90% of my friends are Virgos. Crazy.

      I have been saving seeds from all the organic fruits I bought this year. I have some peaches to share if you’d like. I’m going to try to start them all in my soon-to-be-true greenhouse… maybe I’ll grow them out and you can have a few saplings.

      My friend Heather (unfortunately a Scorpio) just started an organic/non-GMO seed bank. If you want to help her get it started and help run it, I’m sure she would LOVE the help. It’s called Motherlode Seed Bank & Exchange:

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