Yosemite Rim Fire

This map is from yesterday and the fire has grown since then. We are the red dot on the left. It looks like the fire is a little less than 10 miles away as of yesterday.

I’m not sure how publicized the Yosemite Rim Fire is, but we have been feeling the effects of it for the past week and now it is growing in size and speed. For anyone who doesn’t know, we live literally right outside of Yosemite National Park. The Rim Fire started out as about 1,000 acres and 5% contained last Thursday and has quickly grown to a current total acreage burned of 105,620 and is 2% contained. Not good guys. Not only that, but the wind is carrying the fire northwest…. right into East Sonora where we live. It’s hard to get an up to date map because it is spreading so quickly, but I would estimate about 10 miles between us and the Rim Fire in Stanislaus National Forest. Living in the mountains, 10 miles ain’t much.



It is so smokey here that the county has actually issued a “poor air quality” notice. Children and people with lung or heart problems are supposed to stay inside. The sky is a strange orange-grey and I can barely see across the yard to the houses behind us.

The animals have been freaking out for a few days now. I can’t let the chickens out to free-range because they are scared out of their puny little minds and the instinct to flee is kicking in. The rabbits try at every opportunity to escape their cages and I worry that the smoke will affect my three pregnant doe rabbits negatively. I’m sure the smoke isn’t too good for our health either.

A few of the neighboring small towns are under an “advisory evacuation”– which really means that they won’t force you to leave, but you should. I think we are okay for now, but I will let you know if we have to evacuate. Let’s hope the hardworking firefighters get a handle on this fire before it gets too much closer.

Keep our little mountain community in your thoughts!

25 thoughts on “Yosemite Rim Fire

  1. prayers going out to you and those firefighters. this is not good news.

    I got 15 lovely eggs from my ladies yesterday. first ever unless they have laid where I haven’t found them. no signs so far today, but they are enjoying the cool of the barn and easier to keep track of there instead of hunting for them over 2.5 acres.

  2. You may want to put some wet towels or sheets around the rabbits if you haven’t done so. Another rabbit group was just discussing this situation on facebook. The suggestion of using wet towels or sheets came up. Just thought I would pass that along to you.

    Take care and prayers to all of you!

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours. I am on the otherside of the country (WV) and had no idea it was so close to you. Please take care and evacuate if recommended. How do you evacuate chickens and rabbits? I had never thought of it. or do you? I mean, I would try – I think to remove my hens. The scenerio just never entered my mind until your post. I might pick up a few extra old cages next time I’m at the auction for just such an emergency (well for us it would be flooding- has happened ‘pre-hen era’) Wow… I hope they get the fire contained quickly. Take care!

    • Luckily I have quite a few cages to evacuate animals with. I never thought of how to do it either… until now. My plan is to use two cages with cardboard dividers for the rabbits (1 cage for bucks, 1 cage for does). If the fire does get here, I will have to find a neighbor to take the chickens since we only have a little car –and just getting the three of us and five rabbits into the car is going to be hard enough.

    • Brett studied the fire info and says the smoke should be worse in the morning. Watch the wind/weather, as long as prevailing wind is coming from the northwest, you should be OK. IF it shifts and starts coming from the east like it did this past week, start preparing to bug out. But it sounds like you are thinking about that already!! Keeping you in our thoughts, B & B

      • The smoke **is** much worse in the morning and seems to dissipate some by 2-3pm. So far the winds have kept most of the expansion of the fire go in the other direction so I think we’ll be okay. At this point I don’t think we will have to evacuate, but I do think it will be a few more weeks before the fire is contained for the most part.

        Thanks for the pep talk! 😉

  4. I’m thinking of you and hope that the fire gets stopped before you have to evacuate. Recently we’ve been having a lot of fires near us in Utah, and I was thinking about what I would do in the case of an evacuation. I also came to the conclusion that I could save the rabbits, but would probably have to try to give the chickens away, or leave them behind, due to space. I sincerely hope that you never have to try out the evacuation that you have planned.

  5. Make sure if you have medications that you have some packed or at least your prescription numbers so you can get refills. I know folks who have had real problems without their meds and never thought to grab them.
    Praying for you guys to be ok and the firefighters to be safe as well. That after our 19 here in AZ died a bit back, it was just awful.

  6. We’ve been through a few fires/evacuations and every time I’m amazed at how effective CAL Fire and the hotshot crews are. They won’t let the town burn down. But I think your post is a good reminder for people who have animals to create a plan, keep enough travel cages and carriers on hand, and designate a friend or relative ahead of time who is receptive to hosting you and your brood since the shelters might not want to take in chickens and rabbits.

    Sending good vibes your way. Keep us posted.

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