Meet the New Chicks

This afternoon we got a phone call that the chicks we ordered were in. Cami and I immediately jumped in the car and drove into town to pick them up. A small chirping box is quite the sight to see and reminded me how exciting it is to have fresh chicks. Cami could care less about everyone else and wanted to open the box up and start playing with the baby chickens right there in the feed store.

I had requested eight Speckled Sussex, but I knew that the chances of me getting all eight was slim. Luckily I did end up with five Speckled Sussex chicks and then the feed store had set aside my second choice, Black Australorps, to fill in two more slots. Bringing my total to seven, I picked out a Black Sex Link as my eighth chick. If Trevor asks, I ordered eight chicks just incase one or two end up being a rooster (wink, wink). Chances are in my favor that none of them will be roosters, but nothing is 100% guaranteed in the world of animal husbandry.


Two (2) Black Australorps

Five (5) Speckled Sussex

One (1) Black Sex Link


So what does this mean for our current laying hens? It means “processing” time is marked on the calendar. We have very limited space around here and since chickens are at their peak of egg production at two-years old (which our laying hens are now), their egg laying numbers will slowly decrease after their molt this fall.

Sorry ladies, but we aren’t running a chicken retirement home around here! Say your goodbyes.

13 thoughts on “Meet the New Chicks

  1. Aww ya big Meanie! Lol I only have three old hens left the predators took care of it! 😦 but I have a bunch of broiler cockriels from the hatching I did. I think 7 of the 9 are males! So I will be processing those except for the rooster the boys named bossie we need to replace our rooster that got eaten! Gonna need to get some other fertile eggs so I don’t end up interviewing son to mom or brother to sister.

  2. Baby Chicks look soooooo cute! Mama Duck has 2 days left. Then I can see what will hatch. She has done a great job on sitting. Hope it’s a hen. Yes it’s only one egg. But it was almost a corn snake dinner last night. What made me want to check the hen house at 10 pm I don’t know????? But I did, mama duck was quacking at it. It just started to be trying to eat the egg, So with flash light in one hand and shovel in other the egg was saved I hope. Mama Duck fluffed her nest again and cuddled the egg under her as of this morning all is still well. Beside that, are you going to do a video on how to dress out the chickens like the fodder video you did?????? I know I for sure need to redo our Chickens with new ones!!!! Mare

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