Guest Post :: A Chicken Surprise

Please welcome today’s guest post contributed by Linda Bailey from She is a Texas-based writer who loves to write on the topics of housekeeping, green living, home décor, and more. She welcomes your comments which can be sent to

A Chicken Surprise


Just before Easter my son brought home four tiny chicks. Surprise! Yes they were cute but we had no idea what we were doing. We live in a suburban area and although we did have a large garden in the back yard farm animals were not in the picture.

Thankfully we found out that we could have a few chickens as long as they did not make too much noise and we did not sell the eggs or meat. Since he brought them home my son had the responsibility of taking care of them. We looked up what kind of care and food they needed and set up a place for them where it was warm.

As the months went on they got bigger, and bigger and bigger. Pretty soon they were too big to keep indoors any longer. Thankfully the weather had warmed up by then. My son assembled a chicken coop from scrap wood. It doesn’t look great but it does the job. He even put a real roof on it eventually!


As we had no idea what breeds they were having been picked up at a hardware store we looked forward to watching them mature. The little yellow chicks, Mike and Ike, turned white. The little black chick, the very noisy one named Laughy Taffy, turned black with white speckles. The little brown chick, Raisinette, turned all shades of brown with some dark green at the tail. Uh oh.

Now that they were nearly full size we had another surprise on our hands. Three hens… and one rooster! There is no doubt that Raisinette is a rooster now. With a fluffy neck, a huge beautiful tail and an attitude to match he is the ruler of the roost. But what could we do with a rooster that crows every morning? That certainly breaks the rules of “no noise”!

Since my son was so attached to him we hated to give him up so we came up with a labor intensive method of saving the rooster. Every night my son goes out and gets him and brings him into a cage in the garage where he can crow to his heart’s content. Then when the sun is up back out he goes with the rest of the chickens.

Thankfully this is one pretty tame rooster, though he does not really appreciate the routine. We still get greeted with a muffled cocka-cocka-caa every morning but the neighbors are not disturbed. Yes, he has not got his ‘doodle’ yet.

Well, life is full of surprises and you never know what you are going to get. I am just thankful that only one turned out to be a rooster!

One thought on “Guest Post :: A Chicken Surprise

  1. Hahahaha, great story! You’re VERY lucky you only ended up with one rooster! We had one last year that we had to cull because we couldn’t keep roosters in the city. We kept him as long as we could, until the crowing got really annoying. It was so fun to watch him take care of his flock of hens, he was always watching out for them and showing them when he found food. I miss him, but he fathered 16 chicks before he had to go, and his legacy still lives on! Good luck with your roo, and enjoy your new flock!

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