Looking To Autumn and Winter

During the winter, we all look forward to summer and during the summer, we all look forward to winter. What silly humans we are. I am not particularly “wishing” it was winter, but I am looking forward to having time for non-garden related projects. Summertime is all about gardening, harvesting, pickling, canning, and preserving. It is a good thing that summer only has another month, because I am running out of steam (and canning jars!) as far as canning and preserving goes. I may have a husband to “help”, but let’s face it ladies, I am pulling the bulk of the farming weight around here. He does help weed the garden and cleans the rabbit pans for me… so I’ll give him some credit there. But the day-to-day work is solely on me.


With autumn nearing, I am coming up with some great projects to work on. I just can’t justify putting too much time into getting these things started (and finished) until the garden is finished producing. See what I have cooking:

1. Rabbit Raising and Care ebook. I have started writing an ebook all about how I care for, raise, and breed rabbits, feeding fodder, and processing; but it has been put on hold with all the canning I have been doing lately. I hope to have it finished and in the Amazon bookstore by December.

2. Build a greenhouse. I know, I know, I keep saying that, but I need to keep reminding myself that this NEEDS to be done this autumn if I want any fresh produce this winter.

3. Learn to play the fiddle. I have started on this and I can even play ‘Home On The Range’ and ‘Jingle Bells’. Hahaha… a little depressing that I have only learned two songs well, but I’m getting there. Hey! I am teaching myself for goodness sake! I foresee horrible fiddle playing by the fire this winter. 😉

4. Spin. More. Wool. I have a huge box full of angora wool from my rabbits that I have very slowly been spinning. If I had a whole weekend with nothing else to do, I could put a decent dent in it.

5. Start a wool collaborative/cooperative. I wanted to join a wool cooperative after seeing a group at the Mother Earth News Fair, but they have a barebones website with no information and do not respond to emails. All of the other cooperatives I have seen in searches online, are geared towards only one wool species. For example: sheep only, wool goats only, German angoras only, etc.

I would like to get the wool producers of all species and breeds together to promote the use of wool animals and their products in North America. This would involve a page here to begin with and hopefully grow into its own website. This group page would host listings for where to find breeders of wool animals as well as helpful information. Perhaps it can evolve to include an online store with products from participating member or whatnot. There are so many of us wooly people out there, we need to band together to promote the continuation of our wonderful animals. Thoughts? Interest?


11 thoughts on “Looking To Autumn and Winter

  1. I think your ‘wooly’ idea is great. I am sure there are a lot of folk out there who would be interested. I do the ‘me-you daily health challenge’ and one of my connections is a spinner. I know Barbara would be interested in your project.

    I know what you mean about the farm work being down to us womenfolk. I am in the same situation. I watch the guys sitting on the porch watching me hauling wheelbarrows and hoses etc. The other day I said to them, ‘I hear retirement is a relaxing time, I will have to try it one of these days” (I am nearly 67 now)

  2. I think the wool co-op idea is a real winner if you can get the word out that you are doing it. Maybe another article for Mother Earth News/Grit to spread the word?
    I hear you about the Mom doing the bulk of the farm work. We have 2 dairy goats -I don’t do the milking, but I do all the cheese making, cleaning worming, canning, rabbit & dog care-fix sick chickens, on and on. etc….I drop into bed exhausted about 1am daily since a lot needs done after my little people are in bed (soap making, etc)

  3. Looking forward to reading more about the wooly co-op. Have you put up a group on Ravelry, how about advertising there? I imagine that there are lots of spinners interested in buying directly from the producer. I know that is one of the reasons I am interested in raising French Angoras.

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