And Another One Bites The Dust

Nothin’ grabs your attention like hearing your husband shouting a hearty “oh YEAH!” from across the yard. It turns out snap-traps are the most effective bait/lure/repellent/poison/gopher-get-rid-of’er out there. We’ve tried being nice, but we have paid dearly in tomato, squash, beet, carrot, and bean plants. We have had to resort to murder. Muwahahahaa!

This one is dedicated to all of you gopher haters out there…


Gophers: 393
Humans: 2


6 thoughts on “And Another One Bites The Dust

  1. This post touched me. So sad…. Sad that I wasted my time with other methods. Makes me want to invest in that trap now that I see it works. We have a mole issue. They’ve killed several plants burrowing around the roots. One mating pit our mole made was big (for a mole hole) &; if someone had stepped on it they could have twisted an ankle. Sometimes it just has to be done- such is life. Congrats on your gopher kill.

    • I feel your pain! Don’t get those heavy duty looking traps though. This was thick wire and works much like a mouse trap. You can set it (no bait), stick it into a new tunnel, cover it up, and BAM!… gopher. We are going to go out and buy more. They usually come in two-packs.

      Good luck! (To you… not the gophers.)

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