Garden Love

Ah, the bliss of a summer garden. It is almost enough to make you forget about the barren winter. But let’s not go there today. Let’s think summer. With all the heat and 100* degree days we have been getting these last two months, everything in the garden has been going absolutely bonkers!

We have some amazing looking produce coming out of that 24’x32′ patch of soil:

vertically trellised pumpkins, cucumbers, watermelon, and cantaloupe shading our lettuces, basil, and cilantro

green beans and leeks

green beans, tomatoes, beets (half harvested), and a freshly planted carrot plot


one of five pumpkins so far. This one is the smallest.


Parisian pickling cucumbers. For some reason, Parisian varieties grow very well here!

What is your best growing crop this year? Are you surprised that other things that are usually successful, aren’t this year?

4 thoughts on “Garden Love

  1. peppers are going great even jalapenos which are supposed to be temperamental doing well in small greenhouse. raised bed peppers are very tall but no blossom. maybe too much shade, I gave them Epsom salts today and removed the burlap shade. we’ll see what happens. other than that I am surprised at whats grown so far and our winter didn’t end until nearly May 24 weekend

  2. Let me say, I am having some serious cucumber envy 🙂 I have little (ok more like NO) luck with them, despite trying year after year. I am def going to try the Parisian now.
    Doing the best this year: Yellow squash- I already have more in just the single hill I planted this year than I got out of two hills last year. I am currently planning on doing some ‘covert rehoming’… I have seen neighbors creeping around early in the morning with bags of zucchinni- so I might try it… Sorta like the Vegetable Easter Bunny!?
    Worst- Cauliflower. Only the second time I have tried to grow it but it literally rotted out of the ground. We have had a pretty wet summer and I think it just gave up. I pulled all the plants, top dressed the patch with some compost & seeded some more beets. Never enough of those in our house.
    Thanks for sharing your garden!

    • I hear ya on the cauliflower sista! I can’t seem to grow any brassicas here for some reason. They will pretend everything is fine and then bolt, or they will simply not sprout. I can’t seem to keep it their ideal temp for long enough.

      Yes! Try the Parisian varieties. I have had great luck with cucumbers, carrots, and greens when other varieties wouldn’t so much as sprout. I’d like to think that our region is just as fancy as the French. 😉

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