An Outsider’s View of the Farm

I recently had an old friend, whom I hadn’t seen for the better part of ten years, come up for a visit. It was so fun to catch up and gossip about those awkward high school years, but the best part was that she brought her camera with her. Seeing your home from another person’s viewpoint is incredibly interesting. Mostly because they find the things you take for granted and make it more interesting!

My friend Kim took some absolutely amazing photos around the Frühlingskabine that she said I could share with you. I am trying to encourage her to open an Etsy shop to sell some of her prints because she so obviously has talent. Egg her on with me and I’ll send her a link to this post and some of your (hopefully) encouraging comments on her art.

















10 thoughts on “An Outsider’s View of the Farm

  1. LOVE these pictures!!! I can’t begin to pick which is my favorite. The bunny in the first pic would be wonderful for business cards. The tire swing brings back many wonderful childhood memories. The two chickens really shows what a great photographer she is ’cause my chickens won’t ever stay still long enough for a good picture. Love the colors of the bee and lavender – so pretty!!!

  2. LOVED the pictures! My faves were the ax in the splitting log, the bee/flower, bunny drinking, the tire wing and the 2 chickens up close. Your friend is talented and should use it for income at least on ETSY or a similar venue…

  3. I liked the axe and the snail. Just a bit of country life and rustic to boot. She has captured great details in all her work, good composition and balance and always just left of centre. kudos

  4. Great Pic’s, It’s like they tell a story of their own when you look at them. They speak to ya!!!!!!!! Mare

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