Name That Rabbit Results!

Wow! We had a record number of votes on this one. Either my readership has sky rocketed since we last played this game or a lot of people really, really care about what we name our rabbits. Or, you simply had nothing better to do. No matter the reason, I am so glad you all played along. I was afraid that the geeky names would deter voters, but in fact– I think it brought more of you out of the woodwork. And this was the best way to do it too; I pick out a bunch of names I already like (no loss or regrets for me) and you get to pick your favorite!

This fall we will be keeping back two new doe rabbits, so look forward to a couple more rounds this year!

Our winner by one measly little vote is… Drum roll please…..


Frühlingskabine’s Khaleesi
(from Game of Thrones)

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