Plum Bonanza!

I have been lurking in the bushes waiting for our local co-op to have plums on sale the last couple Mondays. Folks, I’m talkin’ 50¢ a pound for local, organic, beautifully violet plums. So within the last two weeks, I have purchased a total of forty (40!!!) pounds of plums.

So far I have made Japanese-style plum sauce (pressure canned), halved plums in very light syrup (pressure canned), and am almost finished making old fashioned sugar plums. By tomorrow I should have a full tutorial together for the sugar plums. I just have to dry them, but I have high hopes for these beauties. Sugar plums are always thought of as a winter holiday treat, but I decided that these really need to be made with fresh plums in the season which they are ripe… like now.

On tonight’s preserving menu –because let’s face it, it’s too hot to can during the day– was more halved plums and the last boil of my sugar plums. Tomorrow I think I will use my remaining twenty pounds of plums to make some jam. We’ll see. The kid that lives here loves her pb&j.


6 thoughts on “Plum Bonanza!

  1. Yum! Last year I was given a 5 gallon pail of wild plums from a local lady and I made apple plum butter and plum jam. Plum jam is a great secret ingredient to chicken salad. (Balance with lemon juice) its addicting!

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