My Job Description?

I always think it’s funny when some form asks for a job description. How do I explain what I do here without sounding condescending or lazy? How would you describe micro-farming? Here is what I typed in:

My job description? Everything poopy, dirty, bloody, stinky, and glorious. I use shovels and pitchforks and the most molten-lava of water and very seldom do I use gloves. Dirt is meant to be worked in, animals are meant to be loved and eaten, and life is meant to be lived.

What’s my job description? Life.

2 thoughts on “My Job Description?

  1. Funny you mentioned that. I get that too. I’m a stay home wife, mom ,grandmother,
    great-grandma! I don’t think there’s enough space to write down what we do all day.
    All I can say is Thank you God for each and everyday and all that I have. The best Blessing is raising a family and what goes with it!!!! Mare

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