Name That Rabbit! :: fifth edition


This chestnut doe was one of my Frühlingskabine kits from Dandelion and Obsidian’s litter born in December of last year. Her previous owner was saddened to bring her back, but felt like the best option for this rabbit would be to give her to someone who could devote more time to her. While I am sure this was a hard choice, I am so glad that she was responsible in considering the rabbit’s future and well being before finding someone to take her. I thought I would just re-home her, but when I saw her again, I knew she was destined to stay. Isn’t she beautiful?

I will be keeping her as a third breeding doe since I have planned space for four breeding does total. So considering that I am her original breeder and she will be sticking around awhile, I have decided to re-name her. And something incredibly geeky at that!



So let’s play another round of Name That Rabbit! The game where you, the readers, vote on a fantastic name for this gorgeous rabbit. Choose from the names listed below or if you think you have something better, give us a holler in the comments section of this post. Think geek!

Frühlingskabine’s ________________, chestnut agouti, doe (female)

1. Caprica Six (Battlestar Galactica)
2. Inga (Dr. Who)
3. Luma (Star Trek -OS)
4. Maeve (Dr. Who)
5. Saffron (Firefly)
6. Ripley (Alien)
7. Khaleesi (Game of Thrones)

41 thoughts on “Name That Rabbit! :: fifth edition

  1. She is gorgeous (I recently got meat rabbits but am afraid to do angoras due to heat here in southern AZ. I go with Caprica 6 – Battlestar Galactica is my favorite, both versions!

  2. I am going to vote for Inga… the name means “God of peace and prosperity”. I am always a big one for name meanings. Hope she brings you both!

  3. How about Rose? From the ninth Doctor (he was my favorite)…since it’s not on your list, I guess my second choice would be Inga?

  4. I think my first vote would have to go with Inara (Firefly) and my second vote to a name already on the list would definitely have to go with Ripley.

  5. Inara! Does it matter if her litter mate was called that? or Rose (best space-time traveling companion ever! I’m sorry but Martha Jones was always known as “not Rose” in my house).

    • Haha! “Not-Rose”… that’s good. I like Rose the best too, but I’m not to keen on the name in general.

      As far as the name Inara, it would make for rather confusing records with two “Frühlingskabine’s Inara” born the same month and year, with the same parents, and tattoo numbers with only one digit difference.

  6. I think it’s cool that you let everyone else name your rabbits. I don’t know that I could do that, but its sure fun to have some input. I would like to vote for Khaleesi as her name.

  7. I think saffron is a lovely name for her, khaleesi would be my second choice. So glad you are keeping her. I can’t wait to see her babies.

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