6 thoughts on “What the bleep?!

  1. It’s not supposed to rain here for a total of 90 days. And has been consistently 85ish. I live in the norther PNW its to bloody hot here right now. And other hot dry places…..all they are getting is rain.

  2. its happening everywhere, Sarah. We are getting temps well over 100F which is not right for us and the downpours of rain and flooding are most unusual here in southwestern Ontario, Canada. feels like all sun filters have been removed and its blistering hot, literally. There has always been a breeze from the lake but now its so still.
    Glad to hear that the quail have settled down. I ordered 10 8-week old chicks, they sent me 11 which was good because one of them was literally hen pecked and became late in short order. I console myself with the thought that if we can cope and thrive in this heat we can have hope that we can do anything

  3. Have you read the year of the flood by margaret atwood? It’s my new favorite question, but totally related to your post. In the book, the climate has drastically changed. But, only in the book.

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