What am I doing today?

What am I doing today? I am building my final rabbit cage. Six of six. Can you believe that I have been operating on five cages (and a hutch) when I have had a rack that holds six cages? Me neither. But honestly, when nice big cages like this cost you $80-some-odd-dollars, you tend to buy them slowly and one by one.

But alas– my Rabbitry is now full.


4 thoughts on “What am I doing today?

  1. $80?! Is that for just the cage, or does that include a tray, urine guards, etc?The 30″ x 36″ cages are about half that here in Michigan. Buying the cage wire and doing it yourself, you could probably make 3 cages for the same cost.

    • Yep, that’s including the tray. I could make them myself for cheaper, but then I would also have to cut all that wire… not something that I consider very fun. Plus, I would only save about $20 on building one myself considering the price of wire available around here.

      • Same thing we found out too, lol! I repurposed a kid’s play fort part of a swingset into a cage so bought some wire (and build a regular sized one since the wire was just sitting there), but ooooooooohhhhhhhh BOY were my hands SORE after that, lol! I figure it’s $20 well spent to not have to cut wire some days, lol!

  2. With the dropping pans that’s pretty worth it- I’ve been looking to buy/make wire cages and (at least here) it would cost a LOT more to just make the cage. It sucks. There’s no way to beat the cage cost :/

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