Click, click, click…

The click, click, click of freshly canned green beans is music to my ears. It’s the sweet sound of an honest days work. One dozen quarts of gorgeous green beans done and yet this is only the beginning of the canning season (not to mention only half of the ripe green beans in the garden). That’s 9.24 pounds of greenie beanies harvested today folks!

What are you canning?


11 thoughts on “Click, click, click…

  1. how did you can your beans. I will have lots too but will have even more tomatoes, already eating the Tiny Tims

    • I canned the green beans using a Presto 16 quart pressure canner. I washed the beans, packed them into 1 quart mason jars, poured boiling water over the top leaving 1″ of head space, and then tightened the lids “finger tight”. I placed them in the pressure canner and followed the directions in the canner manual for “hot packed” jars. Green beans take 25 minutes to process.

  2. they had organic tomatoes for $1.25 lb. so I bought 20lbs. and canned crushed tomatoes with the skin on for extra nutrients(or so I think) we couldn’t get a garden in this year, but hopefully next year 🙂 I love your blog and have learned realpolitik much from u. Thank u and God Bless

  3. We just did 6 quarts last night! We need about 20 more to last is through the winter (my 2 year old tears them up) so hoping we can squeeze some more out of the garden. Love to see your bounty!

  4. Wow looking good!!!! I wish I could can but hubby’s like’s frozen. So I’ve done 2.5 pds and gave 2.5 to my son and I pic 3.5 pds this past Friday. Tuesday is pic day again. So I’ll just blanch and freeze again! They are growing as we speak! LOLOL. Hope your having a great day!!!! Mare

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