Quail Hospital

Yesterday I found one of our female quail in the pen acting strangely. Well, strange for a bird. She was favoring one leg in particular and seemed like she couldn’t stand or walk– although she could certainly flutter. I squeezed in the back access of the quail pen and brought her out to further inspect any wounds.

After flipping her over, I immediately noticed a small but deep gouge on her right thigh. Not good. Anyone who has ever had a chicken with a wound knows that, no matter how large or small, birds don’t do well with cuts. And a quail thigh doesn’t have much to it so any cut is a deep cut.

I set up a quail hospital (read: spare small rabbit cage inside with hay bedding and a water dish) and smeared her wound with some triple antibiotic cream. Today when I checked on her, she looked like she was still going strong despite the cut on her thigh. Around here fighters warrant a little more care. It may be harsh, but I’m not going to put much effort into saving an animal who is just going to give up in a few hours and die anyway. They have to show that they won’t go down without a fight; they have to prove that they aren’t too far gone to fight for. Weak animals don’t get too much leniency around here.


So today I pulled the bottle of New Skin out of the first aid kit. New Skin is like super glue for skin or “liquid bandage”. I painted on a good amount of New Skin on her thigh and pinched the wound closed until it dried. Then Trevor used a bandaid to cover the closed wound and wrapped some medical tape around the quail’s thigh to keep the bandaid on. I am doing my best to make her drink every few hours and she had the strength to, not only fight us while taping her leg, but also to eat some barley sprouts. Hopefully she will pull through and heal up well enough to join the rest of her covey in a few days. Fingers crossed!


5 thoughts on “Quail Hospital

  1. Do you have any idea how it happened? Could she have been attacked by a rat, or a cat reaching through the wire? There may be a sharp piece of wire sticking into the pen area. It sound like you’re doing a good job doctoring her.

    • I’m not really sure. My first guess was that a cat could have barely gotten one claw through the wire to scratch the quail, but since the wire is such a heavy gauge, it couldn’t break through. I couldn’t find any signs of attempted break in, but you never know. It also could have also been wire somewhere or a stick or something.

  2. Sarah, I had a chicken injured very badly 6 months ago (my LGD puppy got to her because she was fun to chase, sigh) – her whole rear end was gone, no tail, no anal sphincter, you could literally see into her egg chute. I told my daughter she would probably die, but we put a huge amount of Petro Carbo (old time ointment for owies-I get it from Drugstore.com-it works for everything!) in the hole and kept her in the house in a crate for awhile, then moved her to the outside chicken hospital and in the meantime got baby chicks. By the time they went outside she was healed enough to try going back to the big chicken area and is now laying eggs.-though they come out a bit ickier than all the other hens, she lays every day without fail! There is hope!

  3. Sorry to read about your bird. Hope all is well and she’ll get better soon. Sending a lot of good thought’s and prayers that she heal’s fast!!!!! Mare

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