Potato Win!

I feel so successful today between the gopher and harvesting potatoes! A real winner. From four measly seed potatoes, we grew and harvested just over five pounds of potatoes today. This was our third attempt at growing potatoes and, as I informed Trevor before we started digging, if we didn’t get a beautiful bounty this year, I was going to forever give up on growing spuds.


Trevor kept pulling out potato after potato. Phew! Luckily I don’t have to ward off round, starchy goodness quite yet. Our first year growing potatoes, we tried potato towers and grew nothing. In fact even the seed potatoes were gone. The second year (last year), we tried towers again but with mostly hay added instead of all soil. The plants sprouted and grew just fine until the bugs came in and ate every single green leaf there was. No harvest lat year either. So in any case, this year is an infinite improvement weighing in at 5.10 pounds.



5 thoughts on “Potato Win!

  1. So are you going to share your secret to a bountiful potato harvest? I gave up after the 2nd year! Scab, hornworms and voles are my nemesis.

  2. Ugh I’m jealous! I harvest my 2 potato bags and got 2 big potatoes and a few tiny ones. I went and bought a few more seed potatoes so I’m gunna try again, this time I won’t be so impatient. Lol. Great job on trapping the gopher and good luck on getting the rest of them!

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