Got the gopher…

Yeah baby! We successfully caught one gopher. You know, those pesky gophers who have been destroying our garden bit by bit. Tunneling under our beets and carrots munching away and eating off whole root systems of our tomatoes. Yeah, those ones. I have tried every method short of snaking a propane hose down a tunnel and lighting it. (Don’t do that by the way!)

I have used: mole and gopher repellant (that castor oil stuff), oatmeal and joint compound “gopher cookies”, sulphur smoke bombs, three different types of those useless vibrating/buzzing gopher sticks, a pitch fork and rage, tears and profanity, and various traps. Today we caught this big guy using a wire snap trap. Hallelujah! Now to catch the rest of his family…


Gophers: 381
Humans: 1



8 thoughts on “Got the gopher…

  1. I wonder if you could feed a bit of cooked gopher meat to the quails LOL.
    I know they need a very high protein diet, for egg production.
    I know chickens can eat some meat.
    Usually they talk about quails eating insects, but meat and bone meal is fairly similar.
    Though I am not sure.

  2. Want to move gophers the easy way is to buy Daisy Wheels, the are cheap and will drive them from you garden areas. They work when the wind twirls the wheel causing a vibration on the metal rod going into the ground. Place them 50′ apart and you will get good coverage. Gophers, moles, etc. have very keen ans sensivtive hearing, but the vibrations hurt thier hearing so the will abandon the area to get away from the vibrartions.

    The seller has 2 sizes, both the same price, so go for the larger size 33-1/2-inch.

    To make them more effective, mount them to a piece of 1/2″ emt tubing, that will get them higher up out of the ground, and the vibrations will act like a wind chime, radiating outwards.

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