RAWWWRRRRRR!!! 5.3 pounds of mega-zucchini stomped out of the garden this morning. These puppies are as big as my arm! There weren’t even any zucchinis out there six days ago and now…


18 thoughts on “Zucchinizilla!

  1. Big zukes aren’t good to eat, but do the rabbits like them? My parents live in S CA on semi-rural land and they take their fruit and vegetable kitchen scraps to the same place every evening and the wildlife, mostly rabbits, eat them. There are even wild rabbits who wait there for my dad to bring the scraps 🙂

  2. Yes they do grow fast so sometimes you’ve got to check every other day Lol. I prefer my zucchini to be bigger, they taste great pan fried with salt n pepper and parm cheese, or baked into zucchinni chips or grated into cakes, bread, cupcakes/muffins, cookies or pasta sauce (it will thicken up the sauce without changing the flavor plus your getting another veggie, or I slice them lengthwise with a cheese slicer and use them as noodles in a lasagne. So to anyone who says big zucchini aren’t good just hasn’t been creative enough to use them.

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