Egg Count :: June 2013

I am a little disappointed in this month’s numbers. For one, I am anxiously awaiting quail eggs, but since I am not entirely sure how old these quail are, I don’t know when to expect the ten quail hens I have to lay. Erg. Secondly, the extreme temperatures we have had here in California (everywhere really) have made my chicken hens lack on their egg laying duties. Instead of getting five or six eggs a day from my six chicken hens, I have been getting three or four eggs since the heat started. Very disappointing indeed. Oh well. Maybe when the first two hot weeks of July are over, that will be it for insanely sizzling temperatures. Here’s to hope.


2 thoughts on “Egg Count :: June 2013

  1. I have a suggestions… freeze some 2 litre pop bottles full of water and lay them in the chickens’ area to let them cool off with. Also, give them some ice water to stand in.

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