G’day Folks!

I’m not really sure why I have given my quail an Australian accent. Is that Australian? I don’t know. But these coturnix quail are so obviously Japanese. They even speak Japanese. I’m not even sure that they speak English because no matter how many times I say, “Give me eggs you freeloaders!” in my nicest voice, they do not reply. They do peck my fingers though. Pecking one’s digits is probably considered a universal bird language.

Thank you for discussing bird language theory with me. It makes me look a little less crazy when there’s someone on the other side of a ridiculous conversation.

In any case, they are finally full grown! So I should be getting those eggs I’ve been asking so nicely for any day now. I suspect the breeder had estimated the wrong hatch date on them and they were more like 3-weeks old when we bought them instead of 5-weeks old. It’s alright though. I can understand having to give it a good guess when you have so many birds at any given time. That’s why good record keeping is so important –with any species.



4 thoughts on “G’day Folks!

  1. So are so cute, can you eat the eggs??? They seem to be very small eggs. but so true on keeping good records. I’m ok at it, but I keep telling myself year 2014, I’ll try to be a little more on track. Having a good day here in Florida too. Rained a lot yesterday, so the grass is looking good!!!!! mare

  2. I love the taste of quail eggs…so buttery. They are great hard boiled! The trick to peeling them is to roll the eggs on the counter after they have cooled, smashing the shell, and it should come off in one piece.

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