Evening Mist


It had been raining all day, but when the drops let up around the time for evening chores, I decided to get all my outside time in at once. After feeding the animals and refilling the fodder trays, I sauntered down to the garden making my way –in my boots instead of sandals for a change– down the muddy and eroded slope.

There is something almost magical feeling about a cloudy, misty evening. The air smelled moist and I could feel the electrical charge of the garden and its leafy inhabitants. I surveyed which bare spots needed attention and set to work. Quite a few tomato plants I had started from seed were becoming well established and needed to be thinned and replanted into individual squares. When the dirt is dry, the natural granite dust and sand present in the soil cuts up and dries out my hands. But tonight the dirt was moist. Moist, dark, fluffy, and absolutely divine.

Nothing will make you a believer in something bigger than you like working in the soil. Dirt is my religion.

I carefully dug up the seedlings that were grouped together and gently teased their roots apart. Once they were free from each other, I replanted the seedlings singly this time. Part of the magic of gardening is hoping for the best yet not knowing the outcome. We can always expect that a seedling will live if given the right conditions, but we don’t really know until the day we harvest that beautiful tomato, or cabbage, or pepper. Experiment and wishful thinking are all an integral part of the experience. Smelling the rain in the air. Hands in the soil. Dirt under your nails. Tiny, living plants in your care. Wet garden paths. Evening mist.

8 thoughts on “Evening Mist

  1. lovely post. I spent the cooler evening getting eaten alive as the lad and I planted out our tomato seedlings in the back 40. If you were closer I could give you lots of room for all your fascinating projects

  2. I agree, when ever I go check on my gardens I tend to lose myself either pulling weeds, trimming suckers, amazed how a tiny seed I planted a few days/weeks ago has now turned into something that I can harvest soon or just running my fingers in the dirt. I think we need to start a dirt religion Lol. I’ve had so much rain the past month and a half that I almost lost my main garden plants but now they are in full blooming mode and I’m anxiously waiting for canning season to come!

  3. So true!!!! Same here, when in the morning I feed the funny farm then check out the garden. I find myself in another world. Everyday different, but beauiftul !!!! Things here are in full bloom. Still waiting for the tomaotes to turn red. cue’s are doing well, and zuc’s are 2 bad for every 1 good one ???? They are half grown and then it get’s the rotten end???? Squash bit the dust right from the start! LOL Corn is still climbing. And finally the beans are coming in! So we won’t be starving. LOL LOL.

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