Swarm Trap?

Remember that swarm trap box I made to hopefully catch a bee swarm a month or so ago?


Well, for the last month, a family of little finch birds had been living in my awesome swarm trap. Apparently the hole, that is the perfect size for a few bees to fit through, is also the perfect size for a teeny, tiny finch. Who knew?! From all of the twig gathering going on over my head up on the deck railing, I figured a finch or two had moved in and decided to leave the box up for them. When peeking through the back of the box I noticed some microscopic eggs inside. I was a good call to leave the box alone and leave the finches to their work.

After the box had been silent for several days (the amount of puny cheeping that had previously been coming out of that box was unreal), we decided to open it up and see what was what.



We found this amazing nest built inside the box, right up against the beeswax frame I put in to lure a honey bee swarm. The nest was mostly short, matchstick-sized twigs, built up at about 4-inches thick, with a little dry grass to line the very inside of the nest. I didn’t see any egg shells as if babies had hatched, but from the chirping we both had heard for the last two weeks or so, I know there were little finch chicks in there at some point. I was really hoping to see the shells since they are such small birds even as adults.

Now we know how to make the perfect finch birdhouse: a cardboard box, a frame of beeswax, and a tiny entrance hole!

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