6 thoughts on “Dinner Time!

    • I just updated the post with a link to my favorite recipe. You can substitute all kinds of veggies (and fungi) for the onion and bacon. I usually keep the egg, milk, flour, and cheese he same and then pile in whatever looks good until the shell is full.


  1. looks yummy! great way to use up the eggs! sadly I think I have a bunch that I am going to have to toss! I guess as long as they dont float they are ok!
    for any easy night you can make frittata instead (simply leave out the crust)

    • If the tip floats, you are on the borderline. If the whole egg floats, the egg is very bad.

      I make frittatas and stratas all the time too. We really have to eat up all the eggs during this time of year to make up for the lack of fresh eggs during the winter. But I do plan to freeze some eggs (I have to look up a couple good ways to do it) so that I don’t have to buy any for baking during the winter.

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