8 thoughts on “Egg Count :: May 2013

  1. For sure I would be jumping up and down with that count!!!!! I have 12 hens and I can say that count was better then mine!!!!!! With the heat and rain we had this month. It has slowed down my count to maybe 4 eggs a day. That is SAD an’t it!!!!! Mare

  2. yes some are old at least 6 years and the others are about 2 years. I need to learn how to process them and hatch a new bunch. I just have been to busy with life ,and working on redoing the coop before I take the next jump. When it comes to farming I’m the one that does it. Hubby is not into homesteading. He helps with the big jobs.
    I just finished putting on the bottom of the coop this week. Next is finding the red shower curtain to go on the top part. So if it rain’s hard and windy I can close the side it comes from. Keeping the coop dry. Then I want to redo the door on it. Oh almost forgot the trim on it too. Waiting for hubby to miter the boards for me. Then it would be done. YAH!!!!!! Mare

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