How We Keep Rabbits Cool in the Summer

Rabbits are no easy customer and anyone who tells you that rabbits are “easy” pets, are quite mistaken. I always tell people that just about anything will kill a rabbit. And it’s true, especially on a hot summer day. But with a little know how, you can keep your outdoor rabbits alive and well through the summer heat. If I can keep my wool producing angoras moderately cool in 100*F weather, so can you.

I have a few simple tricks on keeping your rabbits cool in temperatures over 80*F degrees:
• Always keep your rabbits in a shady area away from direct sunlight!
• If your rabbits have a long coat or wool, shear their coats down to 1/4″ inch or less in length using scissors or electric clippers.
• Provide each rabbit with a frozen bottle of water to lean up against during the hottest part of the day. If necessary, exchange thawed bottles for freshly frozen bottles during the day.
• Turn on an oscillating (rotating) fan near your cages or hutches. Keep that air moving!
• Periodically hose down the dirt or floor around the rabbits to encourage cool air through evaporation.
• Be sure your rabbit’s drinking water is cool. Consider dumping out old water and refilling their water bottles or automatic water system with fresh, cool water in the morning and evening.
• Provide rabbits with a dish of ice cubes.
• If your rabbits look especially uncomfortable, rub an ice cube along their ears to help cool them down.
• With the exception of wooled breeds, set up a misting fan system for your rabbits.

Simple $15 oscillating fan. We use two on especially hot days.

This kit is sitting on top of a frozen water bottle… like a goat.

6 thoughts on “How We Keep Rabbits Cool in the Summer

    • Yes, I do. The trick is to shear the rabbits in late spring right before the heat starts in. Like a week or so before. That way the rabbits are wool free with short coats for summer, but by the end of summer, when the temps lower, their wool is already starting to grow back in. I also pluck as much as I can before shearing the rest. I only shear once a year (for summer) and still get three other completely plucked wool harvests a year.

      • I wonder if i need to do this. It stays cool here….maybe for two weeks we get to 80/90 temps. My bunny barn stays cooler than that and i will turn on a fan……..

  1. We do the ice bottles on mildly hot days, but in the dog days they melt before we get home so we use an oscillating misting fan, with a yard of burlap strung up across the front of the hutch to keep the rabbits from getting wet. We’ve managed to keep it around 75 in the hutch on our hottest 100+ days that way. What I love about it is that once it’s set up, we can turn it on and leave for the day (we both work long hours) and know that our buns will stay cool without our attention.

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