Look What Cami Found…

This little gal was running loose around the neighborhood for the last couple days. A neighbor spotted her and asked if we wanted to catch her. I was a little hesitant at first, but I was pretty sure that if left to her own devices, she would surely be eaten by raccoons, bobcats, dogs, a stray cat, or even a mountain lion. The future looked pretty grim for this fuzzy butt, who is most likely a “drop-off” –a rabbit someone released because they were tired of caring for it.

So me and my pity — along with Trevor, my brother, and a neighbor– walked across the street with a cage and a strip of netting with the intent of catching her. She was hiding behind/under a propane tank and luckily out of the four of us, our neighbor was able to grab her by the scruff of her neck and pull her out safely.


I verified her gender and now she is resting in a spare cage (Phew! Good thing I had one!) with some fodder and a fresh bottle of water. I’m going to put a flyer on the bulletin board at the corner (without description so I can verify a true owner), but I fear I’ve lost the battle. Cami has already named her “Whip’ Cream” and is currently divulging her deepest secrets. Now I’m in trouble.

Whip’ Cream is a broken chocolate colored Mini Rex.


16 thoughts on “Look What Cami Found…

  1. She’ll still be a working animal – a fertilizer producer! Lol! Seriously, I have a mini Rex doe that produces good meat rabbits. Yes they are small, but it is enough for 4 servings for my husband and I. Good meat to bone ratio. Of course you CANNOT eat Whip Cream though!

    • Haha! It’s funny you say that because Trevor could see me thinking when we were looking for somewhere to put her in quarantine, away from the other rabbits. He said, “Sarah, you have eighteen other rabbits right now… You can afford to NOT eat one of them.”

      Whip Cream is safe… for now…

  2. The picture says your screwed! Lol to make u feel better her job is to be camis friend and something of her very own to learn responsibility with, not just helping mom. This is hers. And that is a very important and worth while job for whip cream. So you are safe they are all still still working animals.

  3. She’s a cutie!!!! I would have done the same. Plus like you said the poop can be used, so she’s paying her rent to have a home. LOL Hope everyone is having a good day.

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