My Handsome Boys

I have been updating all kinds of things around the website, including the “Cast of Characters” on the sidebar. So, of course, I had to take some fresh pictures of Bunaby Jones and Toblerone (who Cami lovingly refers to as “Mr. T”). These two handsome guys are my new “herd sires”. Meaning, all of my fall litters will be fathered by either Bunaby Jones or Toblerone. Bunaby Jones has simply gorgeous coloring –perfect on all fronts– and Toblerone is fresh, unrelated breeding stock to add to my lines. I am enthusiastic and hopeful for my breeding program for fall and anticipate some fabulous looking kits.

Frühlingskabine’s Bunaby Jones; orange fawn buck

Carter’s Cuties’ Toblerone; self chocolate buck

I have also updated the French Angora Colors page with new pictures, the Farm Tours page with a new price and a new tour date option, and have added a whole bunch of fun homesteader stuff to our Amazon affiliate store. We receive a teeny percentage of the total order price of any item you purchase from our affiliate store. So if you’re already planning on ordering something, we would love your support.

6 thoughts on “My Handsome Boys

  1. So excited for you!! (And for us, too, as I’m sure we’ll be coming back to you for a second bunny in the fall.) 🙂

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