The Quail Experiment Continues

One and a half weeks in and still goin’ strong! If anything, I think the quail (5 1/2 weeks old now) are starting to adapt to life on the ground and barley in their bellies. I hope to get my grub bin up and running soon… so look forward to some close up pictures of creepy crawlies.

8 thoughts on “The Quail Experiment Continues

  1. Do you lock them in the coop at night to keep them from predators?
    In Tennessee there was a little restaurant/bar place with a sign outside and it made me laugh every time we drove past. Apparently the served quail and ribs but the sign said Quail Ribs. I had a mental picture of the guy in the movie, Big, eating the baby corn at the party only holding a tiny bbq quail rib. 🙂

    • Hahahaa! Quail ribs… I’ll have to make some quail ribs with our first harvest, just for kicks. I don’t close them up at all. I am hoping that the heavy gauge wire will keep out the bobcats and raccoons a little better than chicken wire. Hope, hope, hope.

      • I’d be real concerned about raccoons. We had raccoons destroy several chickens that were in the chicken house and they pulled the door open from the bottom.

      • Last winter, a bobcat ripped THROUGH chicken wire and ran off with my two turkens… so raccoons are probably the least of my worries. I have reinforced the rock walls, wire walls, pen roof, coop roof, and coop floor the best I can (aside from making the whole thing a concrete box) so it will just have to do. Everything is screwed down with wood screws and horseshoe nails and I used the thickest, smallest mesh wire I could find. From here on out, it’s up to the wild predators how badly they really want those puny quail.

  2. That sounds like a great enclosure. When my cousin lived in Crescent City a bear killed a goat locked in the barn.

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