Growing Grubs?

Look what you have made me do! I actually drew up plans for a grub growin’ box. Eww. Eww guys! Can we call it growing? Maybe raising grubs? It seems weird to think that luring flies to lay larvae in a box of rotting compost could be called “raising”. But in any case, I guess I’m going to take the plunge.

I have officially given in to peer pressure. Why do you guys recommend the nastiest projects for me to try out? Eww. Just eww. I’m going to need a real strong drink tonight before I get started on this one.


8 thoughts on “Growing Grubs?

    • I have seen what I think is black soldier fly larvae in our compost before so I am going to try to catch them myself. There are also several places online that sell starter grubs. They can also live in a “closed system” much like mealworms, but utilizing compost.

      I have also read that most regions in the U.S. have black soldier flies this time of year. So I’ll show you all how I’m making a trap and wait a few weeks to see if it worked!

  1. I just killed one 2 weeks ago so I think you stand a good chance of catching one. Maybe the smell of the Dracula will send them your way.

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