The Quail Have Landed!

We officially have quail! All three of us headed across the bridge into the next county over to pick up our quail today. Ten hens (females) and two roos (males). Then we spent a good hour just sitting outside watching them.

This will be quite the experience for us considering not one Frühlingskabine inhabitant has ever eaten quail eggs or meat. Never ever. But, as with anything else, we are jumping in head first. I have done research on the basic care of quail and their most basic of needs, but I haven’t found too much information beyond that. It seems like most quail raisers feed “game bird crumbles” and house them in wire bottom hutches. There certainly isn’t anything wrong with that… don’t misinterpret. I was just hoping for some examples of others breeding and raising their quail in pens on the ground and feeding more natural diets.

So, in the void of a model utilizing more natural methods of care and feed, I’m winging it. So to speak. And yes, that pun was intended. If you have any tips for me or would like to share what/how you feed your quail naturally, I would love to hear from you!

In the meantime, check it out…

12 thoughts on “The Quail Have Landed!

  1. Congratulations on your quail! In a few weeks the males will start calling “Look at ME, Look at ME!!!” Your next farm project will be raising mealworms for them. The quail require lots of protein (bugs). That is why it is difficult to provide a natural diet. Soldier fly larvae is another alternative you can research. I belong to a Facebook group call “Quail Breeders of the WORLD”. Lots of good information there.

  2. I’m so excited for you. I want to raise quail for eggs. I have read they like meal worms, chopped boiled eggs, certain fruits. Looking for an alternative for the game bird crumbles.

  3. I believe the issue with raising quail more naturally has to do with disease. On a quail forum I belonged to there were always people who wanted to do quail in tractors, like chickens, but were always cautioned against it. So I am interested to see what happens with your colony. It would be nice if you can prove the naysayers wrong.

  4. Congrats on your quail, they look like fun!! I will be looking forward to following how it goes, and how the eggs taste!!

  5. Was wondering how it was going with keeping your quail outside? I’m getting baby quail this week , I really like what you’ve done with there out door area.

    • If you click on the “quail” category, you’ll see our short journey in raising quail. Basically, the outdoor area was wonderful and then we had a horrible heat wave (100*F for three weeks) and the quail went cannibalistic. After loosing six quail in just a few short days, we cut our losses, decided that they were too high maintenence, and butchered the rest for the freezer. I won’t be raising quail ever again. They just weren’t worth it for us.

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