Completed Quail Colony

Our completed quail pen is located in an old flower bed surrounded by stone and a large oak tree. The oak tree is so large it well shades the flower bed and the ‘side yard’ behind it preventing most plants from growing there. What a perfect, sheltered location for some Japanese quail! Japanese quail are also known as: Old World quail, coturnix quail, and Pharaoh quail.




The enclosed quail pen is approximately 3′ feet by 10′ feet giving them roughly 30 square feet of space not including the large insulated coop (formerly a dog house) attached to their run. The wire fencing is made of 16-gauge, 1″ x 1/2″ inch wire and is nailed to wooden stakes hammered deeply into the ground. The top is covered with small mesh aviary netting secured to the fencing with zip ties. The top netting is secured to the oak tree and the coop using chicken wire/horseshoe nails.



Large stones surround the base of the wire fencing and create a secure yet attractive, natural look for the quail pen. St. John’s wort and barley grow inside the pen and help to provide the quail with cover to duck under and run through. The quail coop was originally converted into coop for chickens by adding a nest box in the back. Now, the coop is filled with hay and has sand for a dust bath in the rear nest box. The nest box opens as well as the hinged roof for cleaning convenience.





8 thoughts on “Completed Quail Colony

  1. It seems you may have trouble accessing eggs that will most likely be scattered throughout the enclosure, as well as quail when it’s time to cull. I know I tried feeding my quail with sprouted barley fodder, and they were completely disinterested. They don’t seem too keen on greens or bugs either. They do like birdseed. Sprouted birdseed maybe? Right now I have them on turkey starter, since I can’t find gamebird crumbles. They’re my favorite animal to butcher, because it’s so easy and quick. The meat is very flavorful. Can’t wait to see how things turn out for you!

    • If nothing else, I am quite flexible and can always put them on game bird crumbles. But for now they do seem to like the soaked barley seed. And like yours, they seemed uninterested in the fully sprouted barley that was growing in the enclosure. Maybe soaked seed is the key?

      I think I may pick up some mealworms from the pet store to see if they even like them before investing the time in growing out mealworms.

      Thanks for your input! It’s always helpful to hear from others who have tried this stuff.

  2. That looks great. Seeing you guys make that from start to finish is just great. Your quail look great too. I have talked about raising them myself to start them back here in Wayne County, WV, but there are so many coyotes, feral cats, things like that.

    • We have seen a mountain lion on our street and we have had a bobcat drag off two of our chickens… so I know what you mean about predators!

      Despite what we’re doing, usually quail are raised in rabbit hutches or in stacked cages since they require so little space. Maybe do a google search for quail cages and see if it’s something you can squeeze in a garage or deck.

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