We’re Live On GRIT Folks

… and my very first GRIT magazine blog post is about raising meat animals. I decided to name my GRIT-based blog “Gold Rush Homesteader” to give recognition to the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills we live in. Our neck of the woods hoasted the thriving Californian gold rush of the mid-1800’s.

Check out my new post and many more to come at GRIT magazine’s Gold Rush Homesteader blog.

5 thoughts on “We’re Live On GRIT Folks

  1. How exciting! I LOVE your blogs & website information. I’m a loyal fan and really have taken a strong interest in wanting to attempt at micro farming in my area of the California High Desert. Climate (including high winds) is a big obsticale as well as the several critters so I’m really just on the fence.

    • Oh my goodness! Thank you! I am so flattered.

      Give micro farming a chance… It’s all going to come down to finding the right kind of livestock for your area and climate of course. Anything is possible so plow ahead with your dreams!

    • Misty, If you’re considering gardening in the high desert, the permaculture book “Gaia’s Garden” by Toby Hemenway is a must-read! It even includes an example of how one person created a literal oasis in the desert using permaculture techniques.

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