Operation Quail :: Let’s Get Started

We are officially getting quail on Saturday! You can stop badgering me now… just kidding. You guys are great.

With a little rolling and lifting and kicking of rocks, I expanded the existing flower bed next to our big oak tree. Trevor shoveled in some fill dirt… and bingo, ready for action!



The three of us took a quick trip to the hardware store and picked up a bundle of 36″ tall wooden stakes and a 20′ roll of rabbit cage wire (1″x1/2″ mesh; 16 gauge). We quickly hammered those puppies in and stapled the wire to the stakes with horseshoe nails.




Next we scrubbed out the converted dog house that the turkens lived in last year. This is going to be a little shelter for the quail. I certainly don’t expect them to be laying eggs in there like chickens do, but it can at least be a sanctuary for when the quail get frightened or when it rains.




Tomorrow we will:
* finish up the wire fencing
* stack more rocks around some gaps along the bottom edge of the enclosure
* make the quail house more cozy
* zip tie the netting on the top of the fenced enclosure
* plant more barley seed
* find the chick-sized feeder and waterer

Then Saturday afternoon we will be driving into the next county over to buy our new quail!

5 thoughts on “Operation Quail :: Let’s Get Started

  1. I just started with quail this year and absolutely love them! Get a big waterer because they do drink a lot of water. I love to sit on the patio and hear their calls. One of the males even calls to me when he sees I’m near!

    • How cute! I have a chick waterer and feeder to get started with. I can always add a larger bottle/jar to the waterer.

      We are all looking forward to having them right next to the house so we can watch them. They are also facing into the property instead of facing the street (which is above us) so hopefully they will sound like the many robins, doves, and bluejays we have and won’t attract prying eyes.

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