Kit Color Mystery

The great color mystery continues! I’m sure it will be easier to tell what color these kits are in another week or two, but for now it’s kind of fun to guess. I am pretty torn between lilac tortoiseshell and blue tortoiseshell. On one hand, having three blue tortoiseshells is more likely. On the other hand, they look much too light to be blue. I think for now I am going to say I have three lilac tortoiseshells.

lilac tortoiseshells?

lilac tortoiseshells?

lilac tortoiseshells?

black tortoiseshell

fawns (orange or cream)

fawns (orange or cream)

6 thoughts on “Kit Color Mystery

  1. They are adorable! Who are the parents? (I may have missed that post!) Do the parent colors help you “guess” or do they carry color genes from several generations?

    • The parents are Dandelion (doe/mother) and Seven of Nine (buck/father). Calculating possible colors in a litter comes down to dominant and recessive color genes and whether or not you know what genes your rabbits carry based on their parents and grandparents. It can get confusing and in the end, it is really just your best guess.

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